About Susan Lappin

The camera lens captures what the human eye leaves behind. I believe it is so very important for us to take a moment in time and appreciate everything around us. When you see my photos, I think you'll agree.


Since my retirement from the banking sector I have embraced my life time passion for photography.  This fascination began in the late nineteen-fifties when my father introduced me to preserving the greatness of the Toronto train yards from within his darkroom.  While expanding on my father’s love for the huge engines of steel, my work reflects my admiration for the unique, my desire to honour the balance in nature and a goal to capture time that is too quickly passing.



By constantly taking pictures  I am ever-advancing my skills and capturing my perspective of my world.

It is so important for us to 'SEE'.


I enjoy the space where we live, the places that we are so fortunate to travel to and the creativity that is possible both with the camera and the computer. I have taken in class lessons and continue to learn on-line through tutorials as there is no end to what is possible.